Top reasons to go back to school


You’ve been contemplating it long enough and now it’s time to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons. Going back to school is a self-improvement goal you’ve been aiming toward for years now, along with exercising more and quitting smoking. Oftentimes, committing yourself to one positive change can lead to all your other goals following closely behind. If you’re still afraid to make that first step, here are some reasons that may help you make up your mind and head back to the classroom:

Excel in your career
Feeling stagnant in your current role is a common feeling among those who haven’t yet gotten their college degree. It may seem like you can’t advance any further, no matter how many people you talk to or how many projects you take on. The only other solution could be to complete your college degree in a related field. Before you go ahead and enroll, you may want to talk to a manager or human resources department, because many companies may offer reimbursement if you’re pursuing a specialized degree for your job.

Support your family
Part of the reason you might be reluctant to go back to school is because your family is your top priority. Who will take the kids to soccer practice? Who’s going to make dinner for the family? The reality is, heading back to college can actually benefit your family so much more than ditching your diploma plans altogether. Not only will you potentially make more money in the long run, but you’ll also be setting a positive example for your kids. According to a 2010 College Board report, “Education Pays,” students of parents with bachelor’s degrees were much more likely to earn one themselves.

Check it off your list
Finishing something only halfway can make you feel like a failure, even if there was a serious obstacle that got in the way of you completing your degree. Once the health issue, family commitment or other life event has subsided, it’s time to get back in the saddle and find a program that will help you catapult your career. Money doesn’t have to be an issue, either – be sure to research financial aid and academic grants before officially enrolling in a program.

Make connections
Half of what college is about is meeting new people and making valuable connections. You never know when you might meet your professional soulmate or business partner, and you should always keep your mind open to developing these kinds of relationships. Going back to school is one easy way to create these opportunities.

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