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Thinking about what to go back to school for? As an adult-learner, the choices are endless! Use these career resources to help make that decision!

At, you'll find great information on different careers, including job outlooks, requirements needed to perform that career, and what you can expect when you graduate!

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Careers We Live By (HealthCare)
The breadth of careers in the health industry is wide and varied, yet each one is just as important and rewarding as the next. It doesn’t get much better than earning a great salary for helping people learn to live a healthy life. You don’t have to be a doctor to help someone, although doctors […]

Business professions that are thriving
There are many professions in the nation's business sector that individuals can train for.

College could transform adults into desirable job candidates
Adults who are having trouble finding good jobs or are unhappy with the line of work they are in should consider the state of their skill set.

Job outlook for the health care industry looks healthy
While the nation's economy has rebounded significantly since the recession, employment conditions are still not ideal for many Americans.

The best-paying jobs of 2013
Individuals should never settle for a low-paying job they tolerate if they think they have what it takes to land a high-paying position in a field they enjoy.

How adult learners can compete with younger peers in their job search
If adult learners returned to college to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to change careers, they need to prepare themselves for the challenges of looking for work later in life.

Adult learners should have a sense of their job prospects
Many adults choose to go back to college to improve their chances of landing a job.

Top reasons to go back to school
Going back to school is a self-improvement goal you've been aiming toward for years now, along with exercising more and quitting smoking. Oftentimes, committing yourself to one positive change can lead to all your other goals following closely behind.

Job prospects can help adult learners choose the right major
These days, it is not uncommon to see adults going back to school to pursue a college degree.

Adults learners find new careers after going back to school
Despite preconceived notions about who a college student should be, a growing number of adults admit that they wish they could enroll at college, or already have gone back to school.

GMAT more popular than ever, says report
Considering going back to college as an adult?

Give yourself an edge with a professional social media presence
If you're thinking of going back to college as an adult, you've already got an advantage over many of the students in your class.

How To Tell If You’re Clueless About a Potential Job
By Lori Johnston You’ve created the cover letter, polished up your resume, and hit “send” on the application, but stop and think for a second: Do you really know about the job you just applied for or are you—let’s face it—clueless? You may be thinking, “Yes, it’s a job and I need one,” but approaching […]

Tactics for Medical Assistants to Stand Out from the Crowd
The medical industry is growing because fundamentally our nation’s population is aging, and this older generation requires more care. The Baby Boomer generation drives business, and since they are increasingly worried about their health and independence, they are visiting doctors more often in order to remain active. Longer term, the ramifications of health care reform […]

What does a physical therapist do?
As a physical therapist, you'll have the opportunity to take care of patients intimately in a one-on-one setting, easing their pain and helping them regain the ability to walk or move.

Go back to college and launch a gainful cybersecurity career
Today, the U.S. relies on technology to operate a wide range of critical infrastructure, from electrical grids to water supplies. While technology can lead to many conveniences and advances, it also puts the nation at an increased risk for cyberattacks.

The anatomy of an online student
As you head back to college as an online student, you're probably wondering what types of classmates sit beside you in the virtual classroom.

What students need to know about majoring in psychology
Psychology isn't all ink blots and Freudian analysis, and as scientists learn more about the brain, this fascinating field caters to adult learners who want to help mend minds and pioneer new research projects.

3 careers adult learners can land with an associate’s degree
You don't need to go to school for a decade to have a lucrative and rewarding career. With only two years of higher education, adult learners can go on to pursue professions in a number of fields, ranging from law to healthcare.

Majoring in journalism
Do you want to become a journalist?

Advantages of becoming an engineer
By now, you probably know that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degree holders are going to be some of the most sought-after employees in America for the next decade or so.

What to do with a fitness degree
Adults thinking about going back to college for a new career may want to think about studying fitness.

Love the limelight? Become a sports reporter
If you scream at the television whenever Tom Brady makes a beautiful touchdown pass or think Rajon Rondo is the next Reggie Miller, you might want to consider a career as a sports journalist.

Go back to college and enter the fast-growing massage therapy field
When adults are going back to college, they are probably in search of the skills that will lead them to a career in a fast-growing field. For these adult learners, massage therapy may be the perfect choice.

Going back to college for a degree in fashion
If you spend most of your morning coming up with new clothing combinations for a sweet outfit, you could put your love of fashion toward a college degree.

Nurse for a day
What's it like to be a nurse? You might think all they do is take patients' blood pressure and give them vaccinations, but a day in the life of a nurse is never the same.

Culinary arts: The perfect degree for aspiring cooks
If you're an adult and have a passion for all things edible, you may want to consider going back to college for a culinary arts degree and become the master chef you've always wanted to be.

Thinking about going back to college for a second career? Try nursing
After spending 20 or more years raising a family, you may be thinking, "What's next?"

Trying to find the right career? Take this quiz!
Answer these questions honestly and find a career option that may be right for you! (This isn’t scientific or anything, but it’s fun to see how you score!) 1. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? a. Anything outdoors. b. Working a side job. c. Attending social events with friends. d. Spending time […]

A day in the life of a career in cosmetology
If you like to make people feel more confident and good about themselves, then a career in cosmetology might be for you.

College programs for adults looking for careers in cosmetology
Do you like to make people feel good about themselves? Want a fun and creative career?

Careers in aviation
Maybe you've toyed with the idea of a career in aviation. Maybe you've even thought about becoming a pilot.

Can you pursue an aviation career as an adult?
Have you ever thought of becoming a pilot? Or maybe you like the hands-on aspect of working on aircraft maintenance.

Careers in art and design
What can you expect to do after graduating with a degree in art or design? Here are some career profiles from our sister site.

Art and design college programs for adults
Have you always been admired for your creativity? Do you enjoy understanding how visuals help attract buyers to a product?

Do you need to attend a brand-name college to be successful?
When you're looking at colleges, don't fixate on the prestige of the college name.

Will an employer recognize your online degree?
If you're considering completing your college degree over the Internet, you're probably wondering how a future employer will regard an online degree.

How many people pursue online degrees?
Think you're the only one who's thinking about attending college online? Think again.

What’s the best job? Grab your calculator…
What's the best job out there? The worst?

How to keep growing in your career
Worry about keeping the job you have—or finding a new one after you earn your degree—shouldn't paralyze you into inaction.