Justine Bateman, Emma Watson among celebrities to go back to school


Even celebrities realize that going back to school is a must. No matter what your career path may be, having a solid education under your belt is crucial, and some actresses have recently told the public how much they value their college experience. Emma Watson, the young “Harry Potter” actress, will be going back to a Rhode Island university in 2013 after taking some time off, Us Weekly reports. The British starlet has been keeping busy filming projects like “Bling Ring” and “Noah,” and has finally found the time to return for the winter 2013 semester.

Watson’s not the only one advocating for higher education. Justine Bateman, sister of “Arrested Development” actor Justin Bateman, is a freshman at a California university and ultimately becoming a champion of middle-aged women who long to go back to school as an adult learner. The mother of two had her stint in acting on “Family Ties,” and had guest roles on shows like “Modern Family” and “Desperate Housewives,” but has since realized that the tech industry might be her calling, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

“I really, really love to work,” she told L.A. Currents. “I love tech, I was half in it [when I first enrolled in school]. And when I did a search on Monster.com, no matter the keywords I put in half the jobs were for computer programmers and developers and I thought … I’ll just go be a computer programmer.”

Her Tumblr, College Life, showcases other older women who are heading back to college and highlights their accomplishments, such as 51-year-old Laura Langston, who just earned her master’s degree at a Connecticut university and is on her way to getting her PhD.

On top of Bateman’s Tumblr, adults can find even more resources on going back to school in BacktoLearn.com’s Complete Adult Education Guide.

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