For adult learners, sleep is essential


If adults have not set foot in a classroom since they were teenagers, it is important for them to realize their bodies have changed. While adult learners may be taking the same liberal arts courses as their younger classmates, it is not in their best interest to keep the same sleep habits.

Students who are fresh out of high school may have no problem going to class all day and then studying all night. While all-night study sessions are not recommended for learners of any age, they can be especially disruptive to older adults’ academic performance.

The National Sleep Foundation advises adults to receive between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. Getting enough rest can be challenging to adult learners, especially if they have to balance homework with personal and professional responsibilities. Ultimately, it is in their best interest to get on a schedule that will help them balance everything and still be in bed at a decent hour.

When adults do not receive the proper amount of sleep, more than their health could be at stake. According to the American Psychological Association, sleepiness can affect individuals’ decision making and risk taking abilities. This could prove problematic in class, where students need to be ready to respond to teachers’ questions and tackle difficult exams.

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