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Adults who have gone back to college

Adult Learners face unique challenges when considering going back to school for a degree. Often times families, jobs, finances, or other time constraints give you a lot to think about. However, more and more adults are making the decision to go back to school, in order to get into a new career and finally get into the line of work you've been dreaming of!

In this section of, you'll find helpful back to school articles to give you tips or encouragement when making YOUR decision to go back to college.

back to college articles

To earn better grades, adult learners should exercise more
Most adults understand how important it is for them to exercise regularly to maintain good health.

Back-to-school shopping tips for adult learners
Should individuals decide that going back to college as an adult is in their best interest, it is likely they will need to pick up a few supplies before they begin the semester.

Adult learner follows in grandmother’s footsteps with nursing degree
As students are not guaranteed a job simply because they have a bachelor's or master's degree, adults returning to school may want to prepare for a field that is known to have good employment prospects.

Older adults’ work performance more consistent than that of younger individuals
One of the concerns adult learners may have when going back to college is their ability to keep up with their younger classmates.

How adult learners can avoid going broke
Individuals who are going back to college as an adult may have been working longer than the average undergraduate.

Make friends in college for a more fulfilling experience
For many college freshmen, making friends at a large college or university is not easy.

For adult learners, sleep is essential
If adults have not set foot in a classroom since they were teenagers, it is important for them to realize their bodies have changed.

New bill could help veterans heading back to school
The Post-9/11 GI Bill offers veterans a great opportunity to earn a degree upon leaving the armed forces, but exactly what those benefits are can sometimes be confusing. Schools and states often have different policies, which can make it difficult for vets to know exactly what they're entitled to.

Adult learner goes back to college in search of intellectual stimulation
Every nontraditional student has his or her own reasons for going back to college.

Adult learner advises people to ‘never give up’ their dreams
When personal and professional responsibilities begin to pile up, some students may put their studies on the backburner.

University provides scholarships to 3 nontraditional students
FinAid, a financial assistance resource website, states that many scholarship programs do not have age restrictions.

Nontraditional students can see collegiate success
When people think of nontraditional college students, they may picture an individual who is much older than someone fresh out of high school.

Adult learners should make time for family
When mothers or fathers are going back to college, they need to make sure their academic assignments do not overshadow their responsibilities as a parent.

Professional football player goes back to college
Arthur Moats does not fit the profile of the typical student.

Adult learners should strive to save on college supplies
Whereas students who are going straight from high school to college may receive help covering their college costs from their parents, adult learners are not always as fortunate.

Scholarships can help adult learners achieve their academic goals
Individuals who never earned a degree may have considered going back to college as an adult, but abandoned the idea due to a lack of financial resources.

Unemployed veterans may benefit from a college degree
During their time in the military, many service members selflessly put their lives on the line to protect the country they hold dear.

Reading and writing throughout life helps adult learners
Individuals who plan on going back to college as an adult typically do so to expand their education or acquire the knowledge necessary to advance their careers.

For online students, having the right technology is essential
If individuals have made the decision to go back to college and become an adult learner, they are taking a step that could open the door to new career opportunities.

Going back to college? Make sure it’s accredited
Once adults make the decision to return to academia and earn a college degree in a subject like business administration, they need to find the right school for them.

Great-grandmother goes back to college
After graduating from high school, it is not uncommon for students to take some time off before they begin their college career.

Studying tips for the busy adult learner
Adults who have made the choice to head back to the classroom may find things are a bit different than when they last found themselves in education programs. Yet perhaps the most significant challenge of going back to school later in life is finding time to study.

Indiana leads charge to help vets return to school
Veterans earn many benefits by serving in the military, but one of the most popular are those given by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The benefit helps cover many of the costs associated with going back to school, whether troops want to enroll in criminal justice programs or liberal arts programs.

Adult education pays off, study says
In years past, it may have seemed unusual to return to college later in life, but that has changed over the last decade. Today, more older adults are heading back to the classroom, whether for education programs, liberal arts programs or anything in between, than ever before.

Finding the right adult education courses
Adults who decide to continue their education are making a big leap, but it's often one that pays off. Whether they're looking to pursue a new degree, keep their mind active or advance their career, heading back to the classroom offers adults considerable benefits.

Lifelong learning becomes a common retirement activity
There's no denying that retirement is not what it once was. In the past, adults may have been content to slip into a leisurely lifestyle that focused largely on relaxation. While that still may be the case for some older adults, many others have placed an emphasis on staying mentally, physically and socially stimulated once they've left the workforce.

Make a stellar study space at home
Enrolling in an online program comes with some responsibilities that don't necessarily apply to traditional brick-and-mortar students.

Going back to college helps you discover your career goals
To some people, taking the time to go back to school and finish (or start) your college degree is essential, no matter how successful you are in your career.

Top reasons to go back to school
Going back to school is a self-improvement goal you've been aiming toward for years now, along with exercising more and quitting smoking. Oftentimes, committing yourself to one positive change can lead to all your other goals following closely behind.

Senior citizens stay current by going back to school
Charlotte Butler, an 80-year-old from Naugatuck, Conn., is the oldest student at Post University, where she's taking online courses to earn her college degree she never finished when she was younger.

Why going back to school is smart for working adults
Why do adults go back to school when they've already spent years or even decades on a certain career path?

Don’t wait too long before going back to college
When you're weighing a few options, like whether or not you should go back to college, one of the best ways to come to a decision is to talk to others in your shoes.

Tuition cost doesn’t have to stand in the way for adult learners
When you're trying to go back to school as an adult learner, the biggest question you might ask yourself is, "Can I afford it?" A college degree doesn't come cheap, and you're not alone in having this concern.

Justine Bateman, Emma Watson among celebrities to go back to school
Even celebrities realize that going back to school is a must. No matter what your career path may be, having a solid education under your belt is crucial, and some actresses have recently told the public how much they value their college experience.

Job prospects can help adult learners choose the right major
These days, it is not uncommon to see adults going back to school to pursue a college degree.

Adults learners find new careers after going back to school
Despite preconceived notions about who a college student should be, a growing number of adults admit that they wish they could enroll at college, or already have gone back to school.

Retired 72-year-old completes college program
Tom Zempel is many things - a great-grandfather, a marathon runner, an auto enthusiast and now, a college graduate.

At 85, senior citizen is a new college graduate
There are students who consider going back to college as an adult, and then there are those who set out to earn a degree as a senior citizen. Wisconsin resident Willadene Zedan is among the latter, as at the age of 85, she has finally become a college graduate, AOL Jobs reported. Zedan has five […]

Don’t be afraid to switch majors
Choosing to go back to college as an adult is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Balance life, work and college with online degree programs
Millions of adult learners have family and employment responsibilities that make attending a traditional campus-based degree program impossible.